If you leave an automobile accident with just minor injuries, you’re extraordinarily lucky. Accidents involving a motor vehicle can be especially dangerous due to the sheer force of impact that typically occurs, and victims may suffer severe injuries that impact their lives forever. These injuries often leave the victim with mounting medical bills, intense pain, and other life-changing scenarios. How a car accident attorney can help you

Some accidents involving motor vehicles are caused by distracted driving, a drunk driver, road design, and/or irresponsibility. It’s important to hold liable drivers accountable for their actions. No one should have to deal with devastating injuries due to the negligence of another person.

How an Accident Law Firm Can Help

The Heslin Law Firm has been helping auto accident victims fight for their rights for over 30 years. When you employ the skills of our attorneys, we will perform a thorough investigation of the negligent parties, and we will hold them responsible for their actions. We will negotiate with the insurance companies, obtain documented evidence to support your claim, gather police reports, obtain statements from any witnesses, and prepare a settlement demand letter to the liable party. Accidents we handle include:

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Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental deaths and are the biggest source of personal injury claims. Millions of people are involved in some sort of auto accident each year, and thousands of those accidents end up being fatal. Unfortunately, many people do not obey traffic laws and drive too aggressively, putting the lives of others at risk. When you have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another, you are eligible for financial compensation for physical, emotional, and mental damage. Monetary compensation can cover lost wages, future lost wages, physical impairment, and medical expenses.

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