There are some special steps that you can take if you are able to help strengthen your claim! 

Evidence gathering is a crucial step to any potential claim. Now, this can either be done by the police, or you can gather evidence yourself. Having that as a back up is immense when it comes to being able to strengthen your claim and get the rightful compensation that you deserve. Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Now, of course, to start you never want to talk to the other driver about who is at fault. Wait for the police and explain the accident to them. You may discuss any sort of liability with the driver’s insurance company after you file a claim, but whatever you do, do not do it with the driver at the scene. 

Types of Car Accident Evidence

Photos and Videos

If you are able to and having a working cell phone, take photos and videos of the damaged vehicles, yourself, and the scene as a whole. Now, you always want to make sure that you can gather photos and videos safely. If you can’t, do not put yourself at risk. 

You want to get as many pictures and videos as you can from all sorts of different angles and perspectives. This will help when it comes to being able to paint a vivid picture of what actually happened. You want to get photos of the scene which includes any debris laying around, tire skid marks, street signs, traffic lights, signs, so on. 

Also, if you can, photograph your injuries at the beginning and then throughout the recovery. This is strong evidence to show what you ended up going through when it comes to a physical injury and how you ultimately were able to recover. 

Any Damaged Personal Items

You want to make sure that anything that you had is preserved. Any damaged personal items like a laptop, cell phone, jewelry, or anything else that was yours personally is evidence for your claim. 

The clothing you wore during the accident is also fantastic evidence. A lot of times, you would be inclined to clean them or throw them out. Don’t. Preserving the clothes that you were wearing during the accident is substantial evidence speaking towards the trauma that you suffered during the accident. 

And of course, when it comes to personal items, you will have to verify any personal property damaged in the crash so you can get fair compensation. 

Witness Statements

Witness statements are crucial when being able to verify what happened. 

If you are not seriously injured after the accident, try to find onlookers willing to give a summary of what happened, have them sign and date the statement and provide you with the proper contact information. You want to make sure that you are able to identify independent third parties that have no financial or personal standing from the claim. 

If you happen to be injured because of the accident and cannot gather any sort of statements, that’s not a problem. The police will gather any driver and witness contact details for their report. You are able to get a copy of that report several days after the accident and use that information to file your insurance claim. 

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Once you gathered all the proper information, you can proceed on your own, however, the best bet would be to contact a personal injury attorney like myself. Car accidents are a specialty of mine, and for over 30 years I have dedicated myself to protecting the citizens of Philadelphia from motor vehicle accidents. So, if you think you have a claim or were the victim of an accident, give me a call at 215-332-0300 or schedule a consultation below

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