Never doubt the power of a well said witness statement, it can change your case! 

After being injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver, you would expect to be justly compensated for your lost wages, pain and suffering, and your injuries. And normally this comes from the other driver’s insurance agency. 

When it comes to personal claims though, there is more to it than just notifying the insurance company. You have to prove the other driver was at fault. There are multiple forms of evidence that you can gather. Witness statements can prove to be just what you need. 

Why are Witness Statements so Important? 

No matter what, the auto insurance companies have a duty to defend the people who are being accused in the car accident. Despite that sounding like a noble and just cause, the insurance companies really do it because they don’t make a profit by making settlements on car accident cases. 

So, whenever you file a personal injury claim for the compensation you rightfully deserve, you can be sure that the insurance adjuster will aggressively challenge the events you tell them. 

To be able to win your claim, you need to be able to prove that the other driver was negligent, meaning that they did something wrong or were driving irresponsibly when the accident occurred. And if you are injured, it means proving that their negligence is a direct correlation to the injury that you have suffered. 

This is where witness statements can really display the power behind them. Witnesses who aren’t involved in the accident or connected to either driver involved tend to be unbiased and independent. This is because witnesses who have no connection or involvement in the accident have no personal or financial interest in what happened, where drivers and vehicle passengers do. 

Being able to gather independent witness statements as evidence and gathering them accurately can be the make it or break it point of your case if there is no other evidence that proves the opposing driver was at fault. Statements given by the right witness can prove the other driver’s negligence, defend you from being held liable, validate your injuries, and provide the proper support behind your pain and suffering claims. 

Of course, having other compelling evidence like a police report, photograph and video taken after the accident, and your medical records and bills would be a huge benefactor. However, witness statements can easily be substantial enough to back your case. 

Witness Statements Help Win Lawsuits

Being able to gather a written or recorded statement from a strong witness at the scene can be the most invaluable form of evidence to the success of your lawsuit. Having strong witnesses puts the other driver’s insurance company in a position where they have a higher chance of settling outside of court. 

However, if they are fighting tooth and nail and you still end up in court, having the proper witness statements can be exceptionally useful: 

Inconsistency in Testimony: If a witness chooses to testify against you in court unless the story is exactly the same as after the crash, your attorney will be able to use the previous written or recorded statement to show the inconsistencies in what they said. 

Clear Testimonial: Your attorney has the ability to use the previous written or recorded statement in the courtroom to “jog the memory” of a witness on the stand that is having issues remembering the details of the accident. 

Fault Admissions: If the witness hears the other driver say that they were the reason for the accident and they state that in their testimony, that is beyond compelling evidence to support your claim. 

How a Personal Injury Lawyer can Help You

Attorneys are designed to be in the courtroom. Personal injury attorneys, like myself, specialize in motor vehicle accidents. We are able to interpret all of the evidence and help build your claim. 

So, if you were involved in an accident and seek compensation, give me a call at 215-332-0300 or schedule a consultation below! Because for over 30 years, I have worked hard for the citizens of Philadelphia to make sure they are rightly compensated for all of their personal injury needs. 

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