When you need a personal injury lawyerSevere injuries can be overwhelming to deal with. Not only are you coping with physical pain caused by the injury but also the emotional pain that follows. It’s understandable to feel anxiety related to the injury or depression over how your physical capabilities have been negatively impacted. On top of all of this, financial difficulties caused by the injury may surface, leaving you in serious debt. How will you afford your medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, and other expenses? 

We’ve Recovered Millions for Our Clients

If you were injured in Northeast Philadelphia due to the wrongdoing of another person or party, it may be best to consult with an experienced injury attorney who can fight for your legal right to financial compensation. We don’t believe it’s fair for you to deal with this injustice alone. Filing a personal injury claim may be the best way to proceed. If you are successful with your claim, you can win financial compensation that pays for medical expenses and holds the negligent party responsible for his disregard for safety.

Our law firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients in Pennsylvania, and we are aggressive in our representation. Past clients refer us to friends and family because we have an experienced legal team that cares about the well-being of those who hire us for their injury matters.

Personal Injury Matters We Handle

People can be injured in numerous ways, and our lawyers have the experience to handle claims made for all of them. There are, however, injuries that are more common due to specific types of accidents. Some of the personal injury claims we handle in Northeast Philadelphia include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents, including Car, truck, and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Work-Related Accidents
  • Premise Liability
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Brain and Head Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • SEPTA Accidents

Unfortunately when you’re injured, the insurance companies are only worried about paying you as little as possible. This isn’t something you should have to deal with. When you hire an experienced Northeast Philadelphia attorney, we take over every aspect of your case, ensuring fair legal compensation. We sit down with you, go over the facts, and provide exceptional advice on how to proceed.

Northeast Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney

The department of transportation states that as of 2012, there are about eight million registered vehicles on the road. You can imagine the sort of car accident statistics that come with that, especially in Philadelphia. In the year 2009, Pennsylvania saw over 1200 car accident deaths, which is almost four percent of all fatal accidents in the entire country.

A year later, PennDOT announced a terrible statistic that 10 percent of ALL Pennsylvania car accidents occurred in Philadelphia. The same year, Philadelphia had the highest fatal accident rate in the state.

In addition to those scary statistics, Northeast Philadelphia is home to two of the most dangerous intersections in the country, and they’re quite close to each other. They’re on Roosevelt Boulevard (Route 1) and include Red Lion and Grant Avenue. State farm reported these intersections to be the second and third most dangerous intersections in the country. Other accident-prone locations in Northeast Philadelphia include:

  • Bustleton Avenue
  • Frankford Avenue
  • Delaware Expressway (I-95)
  • Oxford Avenue

Not all accidents are caused by personally owned vehicles. The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) provides public transportation throughout Northeast Philadelphia and, through the years, has been involved in serious accidents that caused severe injuries to passengers and pedestrians. The Heslin Law Firm also handles these types of accident cases and has a history of large settlements for SEPTA claims totaling over $1 million.

Northeast Philadelphia Premise Liability Lawyer

While accidents in motor vehicles account for a large number of personal injury claims, premise liability is also high on the list. Premise Liability means that a property owner has the responsibility to keep his or her property free of potential hazards that can cause severe injury to unsuspecting pedestrians. For example, a landowner of an apartment complex must follow strict codes for maintaining the property. If a stairwell is not up to code and someone is hurt while walking up or down, the landowner will be liable for damages.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another person, call our office, or contact us on our website. Gary Heslin has recovered millions of dollars in financial compensation for his clients and successfully represents personal injury victims from car accidents, slip and falls, and more.