Be careful who you talk to after your car accident.In the aftermath of a serious car accident, you are probably more concerned with your physical injuries and how you are going to pay your bills than protecting your legal rights. Unfortunately, many accident victims don’t realize that their words and social media posts can have a huge impact on their ability to recover damages

Do Talk to These People After a Pennsylvania Car Crash

Receiving compensation for your injuries and loss of work hinges on knowing who to talk to after a negligent driver causes a collision. These are the people you specifically want to speak with after a crash:

  • Your doctor. Always seek medical care after any car crash to check for less obvious or internal injuries. Seeing a doctor also helps to establish if you need additional treatment in the future that may affect your compensation
  • A personal injury attorney. You need a professional with knowledge of Pennsylvania car crash cases to focus on your legal care as you handle your physical recovery. 
  • A close loved one. Lean on a spouse, significant other, or therapist for emotional support after the trauma of a crash, but make sure your conversations remain off social media.

Don’t Talk to These People After an Accident

Just as important as knowing who to speak with after an accident is knowing who specifically not to talk to about the crash. In particular, be sure to avoid conversing with: 

  • Insurance adjusters. Politely but firmly refuse to provide a recorded statement. Instead, simply provide the basic details of the location and date of the accident, and then have your attorney handle all other communication
  • The at-fault driver. The negligent party may try to get you to admit fault, which can be used against you when recovering damages. 
  • Anyone on social media. Insurance adjusters and the at-fault driver can use innocent photos or posts to argue that you aren’t actually injured. Even profiles set to private can be used against you in this way, so always avoid posting about the specifics of the accident or your injuries.

How We Can Help

Don’t wait to get in touch with a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured in a car crash. A lawyer can help you by negotiating an insurance settlement or deciding if a lawsuit needs to be filed against the negligent party. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let us know about your case.