Should you accept the insurance company's offer?Keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses seeking to make a profit while spending as little as possible. That means an adjuster assigned to your car accident claim is likely to offer a settlement substantially beneath your actual costs in the hope you’ll take it and move on without pushing for more. 

Handling Insurance Settlement Negotiations After a Car Crash

To increase your chance of receiving a fair amount from the insurance carrier, always utilize the services of an established Pennsylvania accident attorney to evaluate the initial offer. That lowball amount can be used as a baseline to negotiate towards the real number you are owed.

Arriving at the value of your settlement requires gathering necessary evidence from health professionals, police reports, and other specialists. An attorney can help ensure the adjuster takes into account all of your expenses, which could include: 

  • Hospital stays
  • Out-of-pocket costs 
  • Effects like pain, suffering, and reduction in quality of life
  • Wages lost while you recover and can’t work 
  • Future expenditures related to your injuries

Calculating future expenses can drag out negotiations, but this critical part of the process shouldn’t be avoided just to get a settlement faster. You don’t want to accept a settlement and then realize a few days later that you will need additional surgeries or experience long term pain and mobility issues that impact your employment. 

The length of negotiations may additionally be impacted by the possibility of taking the at-fault driver to court. In some instances, your attorney may file a lawsuit to prevent the statute of limitations from running out, but insurance negotiations may continue even as the case works through the legal system. 

Protect Your Rights After a Car Accident

The bottom line is to never accept a settlement unless you’ve spoken with an experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney. Our goal is to help you acquire the compensation you need to cover your expenses in a timely manner, while still receiving the full settlement amount you are actually owed. Tell us the details of your accident injuries so we can schedule a consultation and find out how to best help in your unique situation.

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