If you are the victim of a car accident and later feel unwell, it is very important to seek medical attention from a hospital or personal physician. In this blog post we will discuss the medical reasons as well as the legal reasons for getting medical care after a car accident.

Medical Reasons to Seek Treatment After a Car Accident

Car crashes can be quite a shock to the system because they can involve a great deal of force and impact to the body. Simply put, our bodies aren’t designed for that much force.

Car accidents that happen at slow speeds may cause very little to no damage and are generally something you wouldn’t worry about; however, even these minor collisions can leave someone with a serious injury. For instance, if you hit your head on the door or on any part of the car, serious head injuries can present themselves. Any blow to the head is serious and should be treated as such. At first you may feel fine, but after the adrenaline wears off, you may start to notice significant pain. This is why getting treated by a medical professional is important.

Car Accident Injuries

One of the most common car accident injuries is a spinal cord injury, which involves the neck, back, and muscles supporting the spinal column. Common neck and back injuries include whiplash, ligament strains and sprains, and disc injuries. Accidents can also cause headaches and other types of internal injuries. Serious car crashes can injure almost any part of the body, which is reason enough to see a doctor if you aren’t feeling right afterward.

Many accidents will cause apparent symptoms right after, but it isn’t uncommon for a person to feel fine and not have any symptoms for a few days. At the very least, you should schedule an appointment to see your family physician as soon as possible.

Lack of Medical Treatment and Your Legal Case

Another reason to seek medical attention immediately is because lack of treatment can significantly affect your car accident case. Generally speaking, insurance companies will assume that because you did not seek medical attention immediately, you weren’t seriously hurt or possibly never even injured. Insurance companies have criteria they use to evaluate car accidents, and they always look at whether the victim sought initial medical treatment.

Insurers assume that the more time that passes between the car crash and the initial treatment, the likelier it is that the victim is faking. Insurance companies know that if treatment was received right after the accident, nothing else could have happened after the crash to cause a victim’s injury. They worry that if a car accident happens on one day and no treatment was received until a few days after, the injury may have happened from something else unrelated. This may seem a bit ridiculous, but there is no way to prove against that assertion.

In short, that’s why seeing a doctor or other medical professional right after the accident is so important to your case. Just remember, even if you feel the slightest pain or discomfort after the accident, go see a doctor as soon as possible.

Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

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