Thousands of boating accidents occur every year, and these accidents can lead to severe injuries and even death. A large majority of boating accidents are usually preventable and happen because of negligence, inexperience, or equipment failure. Trips out to lake, rivers, and ocean can result in deadly situations. At the Heslin Law Firm, our experienced boating accident attorneys will do everything we can to help you recover from your injuries.

Boating and the Law

By law, operators of boats must use an extreme amount of caution and be highly responsible to ensure passengers are not subjected to any injuries during an accident. Many states allow children as young as 12 years old to operate personal water crafts and other boats. Vessels that have more power and magnitude may be limited to minors, though more importantly, minors who would otherwise not be allowed to operate motor vehicles on land are allowed to control motorized watercraft. Almost all states require that operators of boats attend a safety course before being granted a license.

Reporting a Boating Accident

Under federal law, the operator or owner must file a boating accident report with the state when the following occurs:

  • Someone dies
  • A person disappears from the boat that could indicate injury or death
  • Severe injury occurs that requires more medical treatment than first aid
  • $2,000 worth or more of damage to the boat occurs
  • Destruction to the boat

State accident reporting requirements vary, but generally you should follow the federal mandate in cases involving:

  • Death, an injury that requires medical attention beyond first aid, and disappearance
  • Complete loss of the boat
  • Damage to the boat or other property

Reports generally require the name of the boat operator and details about the accident, including the location where the accident happened, names and contact information of all passengers, and losses such as injuries, loss of life, and property damages. The operator may have to summarize the facts of the incident, including date, time, place, people involved, and a description of what occurred.

Boat Accident Attorney in Philadelphia

The Heslin Law Firm can help accident victims maximize their settlement by investigating possible causes for the accident and determining who was responsible—this includes third parties and suppliers. We understand that dealing with injuries can be overwhelming emotionally, financially, and physically. Dealing with insurance companies yourself can be troublesome, especially when they are focused on paying you as little as possible for your accident case.

When you hire a boating accident lawyer in Philadelphia, you no longer need to deal with the insurance adjuster. The Heslin Law Firm will guide you every step of the way, informing you of your rights and giving you peace of mind. For 30 years, Gary Heslin has provided his skill and experience helping injured accident victims maximize they’re compensation.

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