Slip and Fall Victim Looking at a Calendar on Her PhoneDue to a strict statute of limitations on filing a personal injury case in Pennsylvania, you only have two years to file a lawsuit from the date of a fall. Once the suit is actually filed, that timeframe no longer affects the case. Everything could be handled in a significantly shorter amount of time if an insurance provider offers a full and fair settlement early, or it could go on longer in more complex cases that must go to trial.

Factors That Determine the Timeline of a Slip and Fall Claim

Every single slip and fall injury case is unique and has its own challenges that will need to be overcome with your attorney’s help. While there’s no hard and fast rule for the exact amount of time to expect, specific factors that influence the time to resolve a slip and fall claim include:

  • Determining liability. Your attorney will need to investigate the accident to determine who is legally liable for your damages. The other side may argue that you were partially responsible for the fall or try to shift blame to a third party, such as a cleaning crew, a different property owner, or so on.
  • Type and severity of your injuries. Any slip and fall victim needs a strong paper trail of medical care to establish exactly how the injury impacted your life and what you should be owed for healthcare costs. That number could also involve future costs if you continue to need surgeries or rehabilitation therapies in the months ahead.
  • Negotiation with insurance and the at-fault party. If a settlement is agreed on without the need to present your case in front of a jury, the claim may be resolved in a short time. That’s one reason why it is so crucial to have an experienced Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney on your side. Unfortunately, insurance may offer a lowball settlement that doesn’t actually cover all of your damages. That’s especially true in situations involving catastrophic injury and permanent disability.
  • Going to trial. While the proceedings will likely only last a few days, actually getting to the trial can be a lengthy process if the opposing side files multiple pre-trial motions.

Get Help From a Skilled Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer

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