Man Holding His Back in PainTo give your body the stability it needs, your spinal cord contains cushioned areas known as discs that absorb impact during everyday activity. Unfortunately, those discs can tear or become forcibly moved out of the correct position by an injury. While bulging or herniated discs may occur naturally over time through normal aging, they often take place in an instant from trauma to the spine during a slip and fall accident.

How a Herniated Disc From a Slip and Fall May Impact Your Life

A disc may rupture or slip out of position when you hit the ground or some other object in an unexpected fall. Many herniated discs suffered in slipping accidents are located in the lower back, but there is also danger to the discs in your neck as well.

While the initial fall may be exceedingly painful, it’s the future ramifications of the injury that are often a bigger concern. Bulging, herniated, or “slipped” discs that occur in falls can easily result in chronic, long-term mobility issues and ongoing pain.

Obviously, you can expect to suffer a financial hit due to these physical changes, especially if you can’t go back to work anytime soon. Common symptoms and potential complications from a herniated disc experienced in a fall include:

  • Bladder and bowel control issues if certain areas of the spinal column are damaged
  • Difficulty bending at the back, sitting down, or standing up
  • Discomfort and pain, which may take place in the back, thighs, calves, arms, or legs
  • Numbness
  • Progressive loss of sensation in the thighs, legs, and lower back.
  • Stiffness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness that can impact the arm and leg muscles as well as in the back area

Recovering Financial Compensation After a Slip and Fall Slipped Disc Injury

Another person’s negligence caused your slip and fall injury. You wouldn’t be dealing with a lengthy recovery period or lost income if they had fixed that staircase railing or cleaned up that spill. Clearly, that person should be held responsible for your damages.

That’s one crucial reason to talk to an attorney as soon as you can if you’ve suffered spinal cord damage in a slip and fall caused by a negligent property owner. An attorney’s job is to determine which particular party is liable and will present an opportunity for recovering the most possible damages.

The specific route you take towards financial stability may vary depending on where you fell and what circumstances led to the slip and fall injury. The liable party could be the owner of a private home, a retail store chain owner, a government organization like SEPTA, or someone else who failed to prevent the falling hazard.

After a slipped disc injury, you may need to pursue a claim through the property owner’s insurance, or even file a premises liability lawsuit. Either path requires the assistance of an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

While helping you overcome common methods the at-fault party may use to avoid paying what you deserve, your attorney can help you pursue compensation for damages from the fall, such as:

  • Pain, suffering, and other non-economic damages covering emotional and physical ramifications of the slip and fall injury
  • Past health care bills related to the injury, like an emergency room visit or in-patient hospital visit, as well as any medications or therapies for your herniated disc symptoms
  • Potential future health care costs if you are expected to require additional surgeries
  • Physical or occupational therapy for your back injury
  • Work-related damages, such as lost income while recovering, lost future earning potential, and missed benefits or raises

Protect Yourself Financially and Legally After a Slip and Fall Ruptured Disc

If you are suffering from a slipped disc after a fall caused by a negligent property owner, you need an attorney to keep you on the track towards recovery. Schedule a free consultation with the Heslin Law Firm today to discuss your injury. We want to hear about your case and find a way to protect your legal rights while you pursue all the damages you are owed. Give us a call at 215-332-0300 or get in touch online here.