Man Holding His Shoulder After a Slip and Fall When a person trips on an uneven surface, any number of bones, joints, and organs can be seriously hurt. While head wounds and broken wrists are common, there are other parts of the body susceptible to harm in a fall. If a victim isn’t able to catch themselves and strikes their shoulder, or suffers multiple impacts when falling on stairs, chronic pain and long-term recovery are likely.

Common Shoulder Injuries in Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Cases

Shoulder injuries in slip and fall accidents often occur because of negligent behavior on the part of a property owner, store manager, or work crew. Liquid spills on floors, debris in walkways, broken handrails, uneven flooring, and bunched-up mats are all common hazards that a negligent party should have corrected to keep visitors safe.

Regardless of how or where the fall took place, slipping and striking your shoulder against the floor or some other object can result in injuries like:

  • Bursitis (inflammation of the bursa leading to pain and immobility in the shoulder joints)
  • Clavicle or scapula bone fractures
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Separated shoulder
  • Soft tissue, ligament, and joint damage in the back, neck, and arm near the shoulder

Bruising, tenderness, stiffness, and swelling are all to be expected in any sort of trip and fall involving a shoulder wound. Pain, muscle weakness, and limited mobility are also common effects when a victim suffers these types of slip and fall shoulder injuries.

How to Protect Your Recovery After a Shoulder Injury

The long-term impacts stemming from a shoulder injury may be more serious than you expect. Depending on the type of fracture or soft tissue damage, you may find it difficult or impossible to lift and carry objects. Obviously, that can interfere with nearly any type of employment and cause a major problem with simple everyday household tasks.

A slip and fall can end up putting you out of work for weeks if the injured shoulder needs to remain immobile while healing. Simply seeing an orthopedic specialist at all is often devastatingly expensive, and the possibility of needing physical therapy can quickly cause financial ruin.

That’s why taking the right actions following a slip and fall is so important for protecting your legal right to compensation.

Unless you are unconscious and taken to the emergency room immediately, be sure to:

  • Report the fall to the property owner or on-duty manager.
  • Take photos of the scene that show the circumstances surrounding your slip and fall.
  • Procure contact information for anyone who saw the fall or can describe the physical conditions leading to your injury.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible to begin the process of establishing how the injury occurred and the extent of its impact. You may also need medical records like X-rays, as well as statements from doctors or co-workers who can testify to how the injury has reduced your qualify of life.
  • Get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney with knowledge of Philadelphia slip and fall cases.
  • Follow the advice of your doctor and attorney to avoid potential problems with insurance (or a jury if the case needs to go to court).

With the help of an attorney, you can pursue a fair amount that the negligent party legally owes you for your pain and suffering. A settlement can potentially cover hospital bills after the fall, as well as an estimation of future medical costs for surgeries and physical therapy. Lost wages during your recovery time must also be considered, as well as lost future earning potential if the pain and lack of mobility in the shoulder prevent you from returning to the same job.

Talk to a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorney Today If You Suffered an Injury

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