Get help for a SEPTA back injury. When a large vehicle like a SEPTA bus or trolley is involved in a collision, it is extremely easy for victims to suffer life-altering injuries. Back and spinal cord injuries, in particular, can lead to significant downtime while recovering in a hospital or at home. To protect your legal rights and have the best chance at recovering the full amount you are owed, an attorney is absolutely necessary. 

How SEPTA Crash Back Injuries Impact Your Life

Back injuries after a bush crash often interfere with an accident victim’s employment and regular daily activities. If you were hurt in a SEPTA crash, you may experience symptoms like pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, and even permanent paralysis. Specific back injuries from a SEPTA collision may include:

  • Bruising and lacerations
  • Fractures to vertebrae 
  • Herniated or bulging discs causing nerve damage
  • Soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains, and tears
  • Whiplash

Medical recovery after a back injury in a bus accident can require surgeries, ongoing pain management, or long-term physical therapy, which are often expensive and make it difficult to return to work. If the crash occurred due to negligence on SEPTA’s part, you have a legal right to pursue compensation for those costs. 

Because the Transportation Authority is a government agency, pursuing a claim against SEPTA is often a different process than trying to recover damages in a normal car crash. That’s why it is critical to work with a lawyer who can gather and present the evidence necessary to ensure your full costs are accounted for in a settlement or court case. 

Compensation for a back injury in a SEPTA case can include current and future medical costs, loss of wages and earning potential, as well as intangible damages like emotional trauma, pain, and suffering, 

Talk to an Attorney If You Were Hurt in a SEPTA Collision

After a serious back injury, you need a Philadelphia attorney with a deep knowledge of both SEPTA and personal injury claims. If you were hurt in a SEPTA crash, call or use our online contact form to set up a free consultation. We want to know about your injury and find the best way to help in your recovery.