SEPTA accidents can cause permanent disfigurement.While any collision on the road might result in broken bones and bruises, accidents involving large vehicles like SEPTA busses can leave a victim permanently disfigured with burns, loss of limbs, or scarring. When dealing with these types of major injuries, you have a legal right to seek compensation for the extreme impact on your life.

What to Do After a Disfiguring SEPTA Accident

Disfigurement typically occurs in SEPTA accidents if a passenger is thrown during a collision and strikes an object inside the bus, suffers cuts and lacerations from broken glass, or is struck directly by a bus.

Victims of disfiguring SEPTA crashes can expect severe disruptions to their daily routines such as frequent medical appointments, reduction in overall quality of life, emotional suffering, long-term pain that needs to be managed, and potential loss of income. Between medical costs and normal monthly bills, a disfiguring accident can be financially devastating.

After an accident with a SEPTA vehicle, always contact an attorney who can help determine fault, prove negligence occurred, and place an accurate value on your damages. A skilled lawyer will take into account all of your previous and future expenses caused by the disfigurement so you receive the full amount you are owed, which may include:

  • Monetary expenses from hospital stays, surgeries, medications, ongoing therapy, and out-of-pocket costs while seeking treatment
  • Intangible emotional trauma like anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Physical pain that interferes with work and enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages while you recover from the accident
  • Reduction in earning capacity if you can’t work

An attorney is important after any accident, but absolutely critical to an attempt to recover damages from SEPTA. As a local government agency, the Transportation Authority operates under different legal rules than a private cab company or a normal commuter driving to work. Your best shot at a positive outcome is to work with a legal professional who has extensive experience dealing with SEPTA insurance claims and court cases. 

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