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The largest public transportation entity in Philadelphia is used by millions every day. People use SEPTA all the time to get from one place to the other. Not just because they have too, but the convenience factor is astounding. However, SEPTA isn’t always innocent, and if you are part of an accident with them, you may be entitled to compensation. Injuries due to SEPTA could lead to compensation

SEPTA Specific Accident Causes

When looking into making a claim against SEPTA for an accident, you have your typical indicators as to why an accident happened. Did they run a red light or a stop sign? Were they speeding? Was the driver too drowsy to drive or maybe was it something more? These are all key discoveries that can make your case against, but they are driver-specific. If those don’t check out, there are other aspects of SEPTA to look at which can be that diamond in the rough for your case. 

SEPTA Negligence in hiring and training

One thing you need to look as if the driver was properly trained or if there is anything in his history that shows he shouldn’t have been driving. Faulty training practices can lead to accidents in a workplace like that. If the driver wasn’t properly trained or didn’t have the proper experience to be driving, that leads back to SEPTA and that’s something that you can and your Philadelphia SEPTA Injury attorney can use against them. 

The second aspect of that would be if the driver was a negligent hire. What that means is in there a part of that driver’s history that shows they shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. Did they have a criminal driving record, and if yes, that is something that needs to be brought up, because it’s something that can be used to win your case. 

Overdue SEPTA Bus Repairs

When was the last time the bus went in for repairs or maintenance? That is always a key thing to look at. In situations like that as well there is usually a sort of trail that you can follow because the drivers are experienced enough to know when something seems off. Look at when the last inspection was done, what were the results, and then talk with the driver. Did he seem to think something was wrong? If so, then that could lead to the discovery of a vehicle that was in faulty shape and should not have been on the road. 

Poorly Maintained Trolley Tracks, Walkways, or Buildings Owned by SEPTA

One thing that seems to be a common occurrence in a good amount of cases is actually the lack of maintenance of SEPTA properties. A minor fix can turn into a major problem, and that’s a huge factor in case against them. If you are involved in an accident with SEPTA, the property alone can be the most telling evidence that you need to win your case. 

SEPTA Accident Attorney in Northeast Philadelphia

There is many aspects of an accident involving SEPTA that you can look at. Make sure that you first investigate the driver at the time of the incident. If they were under the influence of anything or they ran a red light, that’s clear evidence against them. However, it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes a more in-depth investigation is needed. And that’s where a Septa accident lawyer can come in handy. An experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney knows the key nuances of a SEPTA case to look at, and how to get the right answers. And that means that you will get the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation, let's talk about it. 


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