Septa BusTraveling Downtown PhildelphiaTaking public transportation should be safe and reliable in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, passengers or other drivers on the road may find themselves suddenly dealing with broken bones or soft tissue injuries after a crash caused by a negligent SEPTA employee. Here’s how to file a claim the right way to protect your legal rights.

Process for Starting a SEPTA Claim in Philadelphia

Due to different legal requirements when dealing with a government agency like SEPTA, attempting to pursue compensation yourself is a bad idea. Several common mistakes can see a claim tossed out and leave you holding the bag for medical bills and lost income. To start a claim after an injury in a SEPTA accident, be sure to:

  • Ask the driver of the SEPTA vehicle for an accident report form.
  • Acquire as much evidence at the scene as you can to strengthen your claim. In particular, you want to take photos of the vehicles involved in the crash, as well as your injuries.
  • Gather contact info from witnesses, such as bus or trolley passengers, other drivers on the road who witnessed the crash, and so on.
  • See a doctor after the SEPTA crash. You need a clear record of your injury to pursue compensation.
  • Talk to an attorney. Without question, this is the single most crucial step to starting your claim in the right way for the strongest likelihood of a financial recovery. An attorney will need to begin an investigation of the crash soon as possible so that notice of a claim can be filed within the strict statute of limitations.

Anyone injured by a SEPTA vehicle or on SEPTA property is required to provide notification that you intend to file a lawsuit within six months of sustaining the injury. If that notice isn’t filed properly within the timeframe, your case will likely be dismissed entirely. Thankfully, an attorney can help ensure all the correct information is included in the notice, while leaving out irrelevant information that won’t help your case.

Talk to a Lawyer Today if You Were Hurt in a SEPTA Accident

Did you suffer an injury on a SEPTA vehicle and have to spend time away from work while recovering? Talk to an attorney for help pursuing the compensation you deserve. Call the Heslin Law Firm directly at 215-332-0300 or if you’d prefer online communication, send a message with the basic details of your SEPTA accident here.


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