While the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a necessary part of Philadelphia life, it's also a source of serious injuries that never needed to occur. If you were hurt in a SEPTA accident, make sure you work with the right attorney during your one shot at recovering damages. SEPTA accident injury attorney in Philadelphia

Choosing a SEPTA Accident Injury Attorney

Why does it even matter which lawyer you call? Simply put, your entire financial recovery is on the line. This choice is especially important if you miss necessary paychecks while healing from your injuries, or end up with extensive medical bills.

SEPTA will likely work hard to avoid paying for its negligence, which means you need someone who will fight back against any tactics used to deny claims. 

You should also specifically look for someone who has not only extensive knowledge of SEPTA cases but also the experience to pursue the rightful amount you’re legally owed. There are many different possible elements to your recovery, and you want all of them considered in any settlement or court judgment.

Depending on the type of accident, you could pursue damages for lost income and medical expenses. There may be other costs an attorney can bring up, however, such as lost earning potential and emotional and physical pain.

Keep in mind that recovering anything at all requires proving SEPTA was responsible through driver error, negligence in repairing potholes and tracks, or for some other reason. That’s another strong reason to make sure your attorney has previous experience winning cases against the Transportation Authority

Regardless of your type of injury, it’s critical to pick an experienced attorney if you were hurt in a SEPTA-related:

  • Car collision
  • CCT Connect wreck
  • Bus accident
  • Pedestrian injury
  • Slip and fall/premises liability incident
  • Subway accident
  • Trolley accident

Talk With a Skilled SEPTA Litigator to Evaluate Your Case 

Are you looking for knowledgeable legal counsel after suffering a SEPTA accident injury? Our goal is to help every victim of SEPTA negligence achieve the fair and maximum financial compensation they deserve. Schedule a free, no-obligation review of your case with the Heslin Law Firm online or by calling 215-332-0300.
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