Grocery stores are a common spot for slip and fall accidents.A trip to the grocery store is just a normal part of life, but even a simple supply run for snacks can lead to serious injury. When grocers fail to uphold their basic duty of care to provide a safe place to shop, customers are frequently exposed to an avoidable slip and fall danger. 

Taking a tumble while browsing the produce doesn’t just literally turn your day upside down. It may also lead to a loss of work ability and major medical bills. Without a personal injury attorney’s experience in negotiating with grocery stores, you may end up covering those costs on your own.

Common Grocery Store Slip and Fall Causes

Every property owner has a responsibility to maintain its facilities to prevent accidents like slips and falls. Grocery stores, in particular, are prone to causing slip injuries with: 

  • Boxes and equipment left unattended in aisles during normal operating hours
  • Cords and power cables that aren’t properly covered or taped down on the floor
  • Failing to clear ice, snow, and other slippery hazards from the parking lot
  • Lack of handrails, lighting, or treads on stairways used by customers
  • Overflowing sinks/toilets in the bathroom
  • Punctured packaging or broken jars causing slipping hazards 
  • Remaining open during remodeling when more hazards are present
  • Water on the floors from produce misters, floral department spills, or leaking freezers
  • Worn or improperly placed floor mats

In any of these instances, you may have a slip and fall case worth pursuing. An adept personal injury attorney can gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence led to your injury and help you receive compensation. 

Besides working to ensure you don’t take a lower settlement than you are actually owed, an attorney is also critical in making sure all at-fault parties are held responsible. Depending on the nature of your fall, the grocery store itself or a specific employee may not be the only negligent party. Construction crew members, a maintenance or cleaning company, or the landlord who owns the property may also owe you compensation.

Were You Injured in a Grocery Store After a Slip and Fall?

If you were harmed after a Pennsylvania grocery store failed to provide a safe shopping experience, take a few minutes to fill out our online contact form or call to set up a consultation. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. 


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