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In last week’s post, we told you about how to avoid injuries while walking in slippery conditions. Although following these tips will go a long way in preventing slip and fall accidents, there is always a chance that you could still be affected by one even if you’re very careful. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do immediately after a slip or fall incident no matter who you are. That’s why our Bucks County slip and fall lawyer is here to walk you through the appropriate steps to take if you’re ever injured in a slip or fall accident:

    1. Seek professional medical attention immediately – When you slip or fall, your first order of business should be to see a doctor. Even if your injuries don’t seem severe at first, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, it’s vital to be examined by a medical professional soon after the accident so that you can provide proof of your injuries should you decide to seek compensation from the party at fault.
    2. File an accident report with the property owner – After you’ve addressed your injuries, your next step should be to contact the person who owns or manages the property where your accident occurred and give them a detailed summary of what happened. Then, request that they write a report about your incident and be sure to get a copy of it for your own records.
    3. Build your case – If you decide to file a slip and fall case, it’s essential to collect evidence to prove how, when, and where the accident occurred. First, visit the site of the slip or fall and take photos that demonstrate what specific conditions caused the accident. Next, get in touch with anyone who witnessed your slip or fall to see if they are willing to speak in court. Finally, put the shoes and clothing you were wearing when you slipped or fell in a safe place, as these items may serve as valuable pieces of evidence for your case.
    4. Contact a slip and fall lawyer in Bucks County – Now that you’ve collected everything you need to file a case, it’s time to get in touch with a hardworking Bucks County slip and fall attorney such as the Heslin Law Firm. Slip and fall cases are difficult to prove, but with us on your side, you’ll have the greatest possible chance of winning the compensation you deserve.

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