Injured Shopper After Falling in a Grocery StoreSomething as simple as a trip and fall can put you out of work and drastically interfere with your daily personal life. If that fall was caused by negligent behavior on the property owner's part, a lawyer can help you recover damages. The bottom line is that if you were hurt in either a private residence or a public place of business, working with an attorney is your best shot at the compensation you are legally owed.

Contact an Attorney if You Fell at Any of These Locations

The good news is that the initial consultation with an attorney typically costs nothing, so there’s no reason not to contact a legal professional and explore your options. You should specifically call a Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney as soon as possible if you were hurt at places like a:

  • Bar or restaurant
  • Friend or acquaintance's home (don’t worry about causing your friend financial issues, as their home owners' insurance is the most likely source of compensation)
  • Grocery store aisle
  • Gym
  • Hospital
  • Other place of business
  • Pool
  • Staircase

Slip and fall claims aren’t something to pursue on your own. Insurance providers aren’t keen to give out settlements for slip and falls, and the property owners also have a vested interest in arguing you aren’t as hurt as you claim. That’s why you need an experienced slip and fall attorney to handle the legal side of your financial recovery.

Your attorney’s first order of business is to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your fall to prove liability. Negligence on the part of the property owner can make them liable for your costs, such as failing to clean spills in a timely manner, refusing to replace missing lights or handrails in staircases, and so on.

From there, your legal counsel can use the paper trail established by your doctor visits to show exactly how badly you’ve been harmed and what damages you are owed. A potential settlement or court judgment may include costs like hospital bills after the fall, costs for surgeries and medications, as well as income lost during your recovery period.

Don’t Wait to Protect Your Legal Rights After a Fall in Pennsylvania

Did you suffer an injury after tripping and falling on someone’s property? The Heslin Law Firm wants to hear about your case and find the best way to facilitate your financial recovery. Send a message online to schedule a consultation or call our Philadelphia office directly at 215-332-0300.


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