Every parent expects to see their kids take a tumble when learning to walk or during the course of normal play. It’s a completely different matter altogether when a little one suffers a serious injury in a slip and fall accident due to negligent behavior, however. While you focus on your child’s emotional and physical well-being following the accident, an attorney can help you with the financial side of a slip and fall case.

Protecting Your Childs Rights After Being Injured in a Slip or Fall Accident

Child Falling on Metal Stairs While OutsideA fall often leads to more long-term physical problems than parents initially expect, and can take place nearly anywhere. Birthday parties, church or school events, hotels, camps, and even the local grocery store can all have potential tripping hazards. No matter where your son or daughter fell, here’s what you need to do next.

Four Steps to Take After a Child Is Hurt After a Fall

  1. Document the scene. Photograph where the fall took place as well as anything nearby that may have led to the accident. It’s important to have a visual record of these details before the property owner addresses the problem leading to the slip.
  2. Report the injury. Notify the property owner or on-duty manager of the accident. This step is important whether your child fell at a friend’s house, while walking on a sidewalk outside a building, or inside a business. 
  3. Take your child to the doctor. Serious injuries that could drastically interfere with your child’s life don’t always have immediately obvious symptoms. Internal bleeding, soft tissue damage that can lead to mobility issues, or even traumatic brain injuries may not show clear and visible symptoms immediately after the fall. A thorough checkup can find these dangerous injuries before they get worse.
  4. Call a lawyer after a medical diagnosis. If your child is under 18, they can’t legally bring a case against the liable party by themselves. Fortunately, you do have the ability to file a suit on your child’s behalf. With your evidence gathered from the scene and medical records establishing the injury, an attorney can get to work fully investigating the accident and identifying the negligent party.

Protect Your Child’s Legal Rights with a Qualified Attorney

An attorney is crucial to ensuring your family avoids problems with insurance adjusters who may not want to pay out what is actually owed, as well as for presenting evidence to a jury. A skilled Bucks County slip and fall attorney can help you pursue the full amount your child deserves in compensation, including medical bills, out-of-pocket costs for your family, loss of future earning potential, and a monetary estimation of pain and suffering. Was your child hurt in a fall? Schedule a consultation with Gary Heslin by calling 215-332-0300 or using our online contact form.


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