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When children are at school, parents trust the teachers and other staff to take good care of them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and injuries can occur as a result. Whether it’s a playground injury, a school bus accident or food poisoning from a cafeteria lunch, school injuries can be very serious and sometimes even fatal.

With this in mind, our Bucks County child injury lawyer would like to give you some pointers on fighting for compensation in the event that your young student is hurt due to the negligence of a school official:

  • Take as many photos as possible. Immediately following your child’s accident at school, be sure to take a few clear, close-up photos of the injuries. In addition, try to get photos of the place where the incident occurred, including any dangerous items or conditions on the scene that may have led to the accident. Put a time and date stamp on all of these photos to prove that they were taken after your child was injured.
  • Collect statements from any witnesses. Witness testimonies are very useful for strengthening your case. Whether it’s a person who saw the accident occur or a school nurse who helped your child after he/she was injured, getting statements from witnesses will increase your chances of winning the school injury case.
  • Provide proof of calculable damage. In order to qualify for compensation, you’ll need to prove that the injuries inflicted on your child caused financial losses such as medical bills, lost wages and/or out-of-pocket expenses including crutches, bandages, etc. A copy of your child’s medical records should be obtained to show that the school incident caused your child to need medical attention. Furthermore, you should keep all receipts for medical treatments and anything else pertaining to the accident.

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence to make a case, your next step is to hire a Bucks County child injury attorney to assist you in handling your claim. By working with an experienced lawyer such as Mr. Gary P. Heslin, you’ll ensure the case is dealt with correctly – the attorney will be able to file a lawsuit, collect depositions from teachers and look at the school’s records. In turn, you’ll have the best possible chance of receiving the maximum settlement for your child’s injuries.

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