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There are a variety of fun activities in which kids can participate when it snows in the wintertime – snowman building, sledding and snowboarding are just a few of them. However, these popular snow day pastimes can end disastrously if certain safety precautions are not taken. To keep your children free of injuries while they play in the snow, our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County suggests heeding this advice:

  1. Equip your kids with proper attire – When it comes to keeping children safe in the snow, the most effective thing you can do is dress them in layers. Start with a layer of light, breathable clothing such as long underwear and top it with a water-resistant jacket and snow pants. Be sure kids are wearing gloves, a hat, thick socks and waterproof footwear before sending them out into the snow. It’s also a good idea to have them wear a helmet if they are going to be sledding or participating in a winter sport.
  2. Teach kids the signs of frostbite – Frostbite can do a lot of damage to a child’s body, so it’s important to educate your children on the symptoms of this cold-weather condition. Symptoms include numbness, tingling or stinging and discoloration of the skin (typically it will become very pale or red). Tell your kids that if they notice any of these signs, they should come indoors right away.
  3. Always make sure a responsible adult is around to supervise winter sports – Each year, winter sports accidents send thousands of people to the emergency room. With this in mind, you should never allow kids to ski, snowboard, ice skate or sled without a trustworthy adult watching or accompanying them.
  4. Keep children hydrated – While walking up sledding hills and chasing their friends through the snow, your kids will be breathing heavily and, in turn, losing a lot of water from their bodies. Therefore, you should give your children plenty of liquids to help them rehydrate when they come in after playing in the snow. Choosing warm liquids such as hot tea or soup will also warm them up while replenishing their bodies.

When you follow these tips, your children will have a much smaller chance of getting hurt while playing outside on snow days. Looking for more winter safety tips? Check out our Bucks County personal injury attorney’s posts on what to do if you’re stranded in a snowstorm and how to avoid vehicle-wildlife collisions.

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