Car Accident Victim Icing an Injured FootIf you can’t remain standing for long periods, it's unlikely you will be able to earn a living. That’s bad news for anyone who suffers a foot injury in a collision caused by a negligent driver. The combination of crushing medical bills and inability to work can devastate car accident victims, but an attorney can help you get back on your feet.

Dangers of Foot Injuries in Philadelphia Car Wreck

Injuries to the lower extremities often occur in t-bone or head-on collisions due to the likelihood of striking your feet against an object. They can still take place in other accident types, however, from rear-end wrecks to pedestrian collisions.

Unfortunately, various bones and soft tissues in the heel, the midfoot, and the ball of your feet can all be severely harmed in a crash. Specific parts of the feet that may sustain damage in an accident include:

  • Bones susceptible to fracturing
  • Ligaments suffering sprains
  • Muscles becoming compressed, stretched, or ripped
  • Nerves damaged from the impact, or becoming pinched due to inflammation after the wreck
  • Tendons straining or tearing

Immobility during your recovery period is a major concern for any of these injuries, but you may also deal with other problems like ongoing pain or lack of sensation in your feet. You could require physical therapy, surgeries, or adaptive equipment to deal with long-term disability.

That’s why it is crucial to gather what evidence you can at the scene to protect your legal rights. Always talk to witnesses to get their contact details, and take pictures of the vehicles. Even if your foot doesn’t feel hurt at the time, always seek medical attention after a car crash anyway. Internal injuries to soft tissue or nerves might not be apparent at the scene of the accident.

After gathering evidence and seeing a doctor, your next step is to call an experienced car accident attorney. A legal professional can ensure the full impact of your foot injury is reflected in any settlement from an insurance company. You may also need a lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party who caused the accident.

Protect Your Financial Stability After a Car Accident Foot Injury

Did you sustain a serious foot injury in a Pennsylvania car wreck? Contact the Heslin Law Firm today to find out if we can help you protect your legal rights in this trying time. Get in touch online or call the Philadelphia office directly at 215-332-0300 to schedule a consultation.


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