When established in 1884, worker’s compensation was designed to ensure that workers were protected if they were ever hurt on the job. In fact, where you work right now, your employer’s insurance company is more than likely already paying your worker’s compensation benefits for any serious injury you receive on the job. Industrial work sites can be very hazardous

But what you need to know is that the insurance company wants to maximize its profits, and despite feeling that the hard work is done for you, you might end up getting hit with the reality that you might not get all the benefits to which you are legally entitled. 

Insurance Company Secrets About Workers Compensation

When it comes to worker’s compensation reduction, there are two typical ways that it is reduced. 

Insurance Provided Physicians 

The insurance company will try to reduce your benefits by insisting they provide you with one of their physicians. These physicians typically tend to side with the insurance company, therefore completely disregarding what your physician says about the injuries you sustained at work. Usually, this will lead to the insurance company forcing you to return to work before you are actually physically ready. The other option it leads to is the insurance company refusing to pay legitimate medical bills.

Insurance Companies Often Try To Take Advantage Of Injured Employees By Offering A Lump Sum Settlement

Insurance companies like to take advantage of the PA worker’s compensation insurance laws which allow for either periodic payment or what is known as a “compromise and release”, or lump sum settlement. The thing with the lump sum settlement is that you are provided all of your workers’ compensation benefits at one time, but at the cost of releasing all rights you have to make future claims against your employer related to the work accident if you are still recovering from damages. Now, if done correctly, the lump sum settlement has many advantages for you. However, insurance companies often try to take advantage of injured employees by offering a lump sum settlement that doesn’t come close to adequately reimbursing people for their injuries. 

What You Can Do If You Were Hurt At Work

The best thing you can do is to get in touch with the proper workers' compensation attorney if you are the victim of a work accident. 

The Heslin Law Firm offers free consultations, and our experienced downtown personal injury attorneys help clients receive fair and just compensation for their claim to help pay for lost wages, future wages, any medical bills, and so much more. 

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