Toy Car and Gavel on a Lawyer's DeskAfter sustaining an injury in a car crash caused by a negligent driver, an insurance provider may pressure you to take the first settlement offer quickly. That may seem like an attractive idea at first. After all, you need money to cover bills now while recovering. Unfortunately, that mistake can seriously cost you in the long run. It’s a much better idea to contact an attorney first to negotiate with insurance or file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Knowing When to Settle and When to Keep Negotiating After a Car Accident

Taking a low-ball settlement quickly benefits the insurance company’s bottom line, but that can be a disaster for you. Victims in a car accident can only take a settlement once. As soon as you accept, there is no opportunity for additional compensation in the future, even if you have more medical costs from the injury.

It’s important to wait for what’s known as “maximum medical improvement,” which is the point at which your physician doesn’t expect your condition to ever get better. That can slow down the process, because it may take time to reach maximum medical improvement. You don’t want to develop a potentially expensive complication from your car crash injury after you’ve already taken a settlement.

Many car crash victims don’t realize the value of their damages may shoot up in the weeks and months after the accident. Having an experienced attorney on your side who can negotiate for estimated future costs is crucial in these situations. That may be a game changer if you have become permanently disabled or expect to need additional therapies down the line. The fair and full amount you actually deserve in compensation may include:

  • Hospital costs after the car wreck
  • Estimation of future medical costs
  • Non-economic damages covering issues like pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life
  • Other medical bills like medications, surgeries, out-of-pocket costs, physical therapy, etc.
  • Property damage to your vehicle from the wreck
  • Wages lost if you couldn’t work due to the injury

Protect Yourself Financially After a Car Wreck

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