Yes. If you bring forth a personal injury lawsuit against the potentially negligent party who caused your injuries, or if you file a claim with an insurance company, you can reject any settlement offer.

Most injury cases settle before going to trial and many claims even get settled before a personal injury lawsuit is even filed. There a number of reasons one would want to reject a settlement offer and go to court. For instance, maybe you and the other party can’t come to an agreement about the extent of the injuries or who’s at fault for the car accident.

With that said, be wise and take a reasonable approach to settlement offers you’re given. Speak to your lawyer about how to proceed. Most often, settlement negotiations will continue if an offer is rejected. The plaintiff usually makes a counter-offer and a professional demand letter.

Demand letters are used to tell the injured person’s side of the story, such as how the accident happened, extent of injuries, evidence showing negligence, and medical treatment that has been administered. In your demand letter, you will show evidence that shows how the initial offer is too low and present a dollar amount you would be willing to accept.