Communicating with other people involved in a car accident is often tricky. You may accidentally put your own claim in jeopardy by saying something that can be used against you by the negligent driver’s insurance carrier. Knowing what to say to an at-fault motorist and which topics to avoid is extremely important to your financial recovery. Talking to At Fault Driver After an Accident

The Dos and Don'ts of Talking to an At-Fault Driver After a PA Car Crash

Adrenaline is likely still pumping in the aftermath of the collision, and you may be disoriented from the physical force of the car accident. Unfortunately, that means you’re more likely to accidentally say something that could hurt your chances at a successful claim or settlement. 

After checking on everyone’s medical condition and contacting law enforcement to come to the scene, the only information you should provide to the other driver is your: 

  • Full name
  • Insurance details
  • Phone number and other contact details for insurance purposes 

Even more important than saying the right things is avoiding saying the wrong things. Here’s what you specifically shouldn’t do after a wreck:

  • Don’t apologize in any capacity, even to make the other driver feel better
  • Don’t discuss or speculate on the cause of the crash with the other driver, even if that person is clearly responsible
  • Don’t share what you were doing in your vehicle prior to the crash

In short, simply don’t talk to the other driver about any topic after exchanging insurance info. You can only harm your claim by speaking about the crash or the nature of your injuries to the at-fault party. Instead, let your attorney handle any needed communications between you and the other person’s insurance provider or legal representative. 

If the driver calls you or comes to your door at any point after the crash, refer them to your attorney and politely decline any further discussion. Still have questions? An experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney can help protect your legal right to financial compensation.
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