Two Drivers Arguing at the Scene of a Car WreckAfter a wreck that clearly wasn’t your fault, you may expect the insurance company to immediately help you get back on your feet. Unfortunately, not everyone is truthful when discussing car accidents with either law enforcement at the scene of the crash or insurance after the fact. The at-fault driver likely doesn’t want to take the blame, as that may mean their insurance premiums will rise, and they obviously don’t want to deal with a personal injury lawsuit.

How to Handle a Lying at-Fault Driver After a Crash

The best way to deal with this sort of behavior is to have a legal professional on your side who can help you show evidence of what really occurred. If the at-fault driver has lied to police or their insurance provider, you should specifically be sure to:

  • Acquire evidence to prove your version of events. If you don’t go to the emergency room immediately after the collision, be sure to take photos at the scene, ask eyewitnesses to the wreck for their contact info, and contact law enforcement to start an investigation. 
  • Do not lie in response. Lying to the insurance provider, the police at the scene, or your attorney can have devastating legal and financial consequences. Even exaggerations to help your case can backfire, which is why any communication with the at-fault driver, the police, or insurance should be brief, concise, and just contain the basic facts.
  • Politely decline to provide a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. Allow your attorney to handle that instead.
  • Remain in control emotionally. Cursing and screaming about the at-fault driver lying isn’t going to help your case or make the insurance adjuster more likely to help.
  • Talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

Call an Attorney Today if You Were Hurt in a Pennsylvania Car Crash

Having a lawyer in this situation is crucial to your financial recovery. Retaining an attorney makes insurance adjusters more likely to take you seriously. Were you harmed in a car crash and you’re concerned the at-fault driver is lying to insurance? Call the Heslin Law Firm to set up a consultation at 215-332-0300, or send us a message online here.