Fleeing the scene of a collision, whether a pedestrian or another vehicle was struck, is illegal in Pennsylvania. Of course, this situation still occurs in situations when at-fault drivers panic or their thinking has been altered through intoxication. Taking the proper steps immediately after this sort of devastating accident is crucial to protect yourself legally and secure the best chance at a full financial recovery.

How to Protect Yourself After a Hit and Run

Hit-and-Run Victim in a Rear-View MirrorIn the shock after being struck by a vehicle, your first concern should be your own health and receiving medical attention. If you remain conscious and aren’t immediately taken to the emergency room, be sure to also take these important steps:

  • Alert law enforcement and give as much info about the vehicle as you can recall.
  • Ask any witnesses to remain and also provide a statement.
  • Gather contact info of those witnesses in case they need to testify in court.
  • Seek medical help immediately. Injuries in pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic, and due to adrenaline released in the accident you may not be aware of internal wounds.
  • Talk to a pedestrian car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Even if the at-fault driver is found by the police and charged with a crime for fleeing the scene, that won’t help in your personal financial recovery. That’s why the last step is one of the most important, as it is critical to get legal assistance when pursuing compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other damages. A lawyer specifically helps by:

  • Handling communications with your insurance provider. It may be possible to recover damages through an uninsured motorist provision of your policy even if the hit and run driver is never identified.
  • Investigating the accident to locate the at-fault driver and prove that person’s negligent behavior caused your injury
  • Presenting evidence to a jury in a personal injury lawsuit

Hurt in a Hit and Run? Talk to a Skilled Attorney Today

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