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Now that the weather is getting cooler, you may be more eager to walk or ride your bike instead of driving. While these two modes of transportation are great for your health, our Bucks County personal injury lawyer urges you to consider that they may be riskier than you expect. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,376 pedestrians and 818 bicyclists were hit and killed by motor vehicles in the U.S. in 2015 alone. This doesn’t even include the many additional individuals who were injured but thankfully survived after being struck by a motor vehicle.

Would you know what to do if you were hit by a vehicle while crossing the street or riding your bike? This isn’t something most people think about, so we’re here to take you through the process step by step:

  1. Keep your cool – Needless to say, getting struck by a motor vehicle is a terrifying experience. You may be tempted to scream at the driver, but doing so will only make the situation worse. Your focus at this point should be to stay calm and move off of the road if possible. If your injuries seem serious or you think you may have a broken bone, you should of course go straight to the hospital.
  2. Call the police – If your injuries seem to be limited to minor cuts and scrapes and you feel comfortable staying at the scene, you should call the police and wait for them to come file an accident report. Also ask the driver and any witnesses to stay until the police arrive. Having witness testimonies and an official accident report will be crucial if you decide to file a case against the driver later on.
  3. Gather the driver’s information – Just as you would in a regular motor vehicle collision, you should collect all of the following from the person who hit you: license plate number, driver’s license information and insurance information. You should also get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  4. Take tons of photos – Your next order of business is to take clear photos of the scene and everything in it, including the car, the street signs, the intersection and your bike if you were riding one. If you’re too shaken up to do so yourself, have the driver or a witness take photos for you. These photos may prove instrumental in a lawsuit.
  5. Give a statement to the police – When the police arrive on the scene, you should offer your perspective on what happened. For instance, were you using the crosswalk when you got hit? Did you see the driver using his/her phone? Providing these details will help the police file a comprehensive accident report.
  6. Go get checked out by a medical professional – After you’re done with the police, it’s wise to seek medical attention even if you feel fine. You could have an injury that is being masked by the shock of the accident.
  7. Consult a personal injury lawyer in Bucks County – If you’re wondering whether you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, contact a Bucks County personal injury attorney who can provide advice and assistance with filing a claim.

Getting struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian or bicyclist is a nightmarish experience. If it happens to you, following these steps will help you deal with the situation effectively.

Hit by a Car? Let Us Represent You

In the event that you are injured by a negligent driver, the Heslin Law Firm will be on your side. As the personal injury lawyer Bucks County trusts, Mr. Gary P. Heslin will assist you with filing a claim and dealing with the driver’s insurance company. Furthermore, he’ll use his legal expertise in an effort to get the maximum amount of compensation for your pain and suffering, time off work, etc.

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