A Busy Highway With Out of Town DriversAfter a car crash, you may be concerned about legal technicalities interfering with your insurance settlement. The good news is that if the driver behaved in a negligent manner, then that person may still be liable for your damages no matter where the vehicle was licensed.

You Still Have a Claim if the Vehicle Was Licensed out of State

When the other car or truck in a crash is registered somewhere other than the Commonwealth, you still have the legal right to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. That’s particularly true if the driver of the out-of-state vehicle was engaged in:

  • Aggressive driving or “road rage”
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Tired driving
  • Traffic violations like failing to yield

Yes, Even if You Have Limited Tort Insurance!

State law specifies that accident victims with limited tort insurance must have access to the normal full tort rights if certain exceptions are met. One of those exceptions occurs when the other vehicle is registered out of state.

That exception still applies even if the driver doesn’t have an out-of-state license and lives in Pennsylvania. It’s important to have your attorney handle negotiations with insurance to make sure this exception is properly applied.

Damages From out of State Driver Accidents

To pursue the full recovery you deserve, the first step is to contact a lawyer. One of the important roles your lawyer serves is to help determine the potential value of your damages. Your attorney’s investigation can help ensure your compensation reflects factors like:

  • Bills for medical expenses
  • Emotional suffering and physical pain
  • Income lost and other work benefits you missed out on while recovering from the crash
  • Property damage

Protect Your Legal Rights After an Accident Caused by an out-of-State Driver

Were you or someone you care about injured by a vehicle registered in another state? Talk to a qualified Pennsylvania car accident attorney today to find out what steps to take next towards a financial recovery. Call the Heslin Law Firm to schedule a consultation at 215-332-0300 or use our online portal here to provide the details of your accident.