Family night out at a local restaurant or the usual weekly trip to the corner grocery store should never end in serious injury. Sadly, that's a distinct possibility when negligent property owners fail to protect their guests from preventable dangers. While water is a frequent cause of slip and fall accidents in businesses or homes, it isn't the only hazard to watch out for during your day.

Common Liquid Slip and Fall Hazards

Spilled Oil on the GroundInclement weather is obviously a major contributing factor to dangerous sidewalks, stairs, and walkways. But in many Pennsylvania trip and fall injury cases, the floor was slippery for some reason besides either accumulated ice or liquid water tracked in on shoes by other guests. You can be seriously injured in a slip and fall due to:

  • Cleaning products such as detergent, soap, or floor polish
  • Drinks spilled by customers or seeping from garbage containers
  • Grease and motor oil
  • Human bodily fluids in uncleaned bathrooms
  • Malfunctioning equipment that spills a liquid, such as a soda dispenser
  • Recent floor waxing
  • Solvents and industrial chemicals

Knowing why the floor was slippery is more important than you may realize after experiencing a fall. That information is crucial to establishing liability and proving the at-fault party was responsible for your injury and owes you damages. With the help of an attorney, you can provide evidence to an insurance provider or jury that the property owner, or some other negligent party, was aware of the problem but failed to resolve it before you were hurt.

Protect Your Legal Rights After a Slip and Fall Accident

Did you suffer a slip and fall injury that impacted your ability to work and enjoy life? Whether it took place in the private residence of a friend or a public venue such as a grocery store, auto shop, or bank, you need to speak to a qualified personal injury attorney. Contact the Heslin Law Firm today and schedule a consultation to discuss your injury and how to pursue the compensation you deserve.


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