Slip and falls often lead to hand and wrist injuries.It isn’t uncommon for slip and fall victims to throw their hands out and try to catch themselves to prevent serious harm. Unfortunately, that puts the bones in your arms at risk of fracture. Victims of fall accidents caused by negligence often struggle with long-term pain or mobility issues in their hands and wrists, but the good news is that you have legal recourse to recover compensation.

Common Hand and Wrist Injuries From Falling Accidents

In addition to swelling, dislocated fingers, and the potential for developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a slip and fall victim can easily suffer fractures to the:

  • Metacarpals (hand)
  • Phalanges (fingers)
  • Radius (wrist)
  • Carpal (wrist)
  • Ulna (wrist)

Even though these bones are all relatively small, fractures may lead to bigger problems than you expect. Any job where you work with your hands, from typing at a desk to manual labor, can become extremely difficult or even impossible depending on the severity of the injury.

An attorney can assist in your financial recovery by negotiating with insurance or filing a lawsuit against the negligent party who caused the accident, even if you have a pre-existing condition or were injured in a previous slip and fall accident. Hiring a skilled slip and fall injury lawyer is crucial to ensuring all of your financial impacts are taken into account and you get the full amount you deserve. Compensation for a wrist injury in a slip and fall can include:

  • Bills for medical costs 
  • Lost wages while recovering from the slip and fall
  • Impact on future earning potential
  • Out of pocket costs for healthcare
  • Pain and suffering 

To recover any of these damages, you need to prove the property owner, store manager, or some other party was aware of the problem and failed to fix it even though they knew it could cause an injury. Your attorney can help by gathering evidence and providing it to an insurance adjuster or to a jury while effectively telling the story of your injury.

Protect Yourself by Talking With an Attorney 

Did you experience a hand or wrist injury after a fall? Call and schedule a consultation with The Heslin Law Firm to find out how we can help you protect your legal rights and recover financially.

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