Bad lighting is a common cause of slip and fall accidents.Property owners and businesses have a legal duty of care to provide for the safety of customers, employees, and visitors by ensuring proper lighting. Obviously, if you can’t see the stairs or pathways in a building, you are more likely to fall down. If that duty is breached, you have the right to recover damages when you are hurt in a slip or fall accident by working with a premises liability attorney.

Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Injuries Caused by Lack of Lighting

While bulbs now last significantly longer due to LEDs replacing incandescent lighting, they still burn out eventually and need to be replaced. If a property owner fails to replace broken bulbs or just simply hasn't installed enough bulbs to properly light an area, they can be liable for injuries. 

Besides creating a fall risk on its own, inadequate lighting can hide other hazards already in place, like uneven walkways, debris on stairs, or broken handrails. To seek compensation after this kind of injury, you need the assistance of an attorney to perform an investigation and discover who is actually at fault. 

Negligence may not reside with the most obvious source, like the property owner or store manager. The building’s designer may not have included adequate lighting, a local supervisor who was aware a light was broken might not have repaired it in a timely fashion, or maintenance crews or construction companies could have failed to properly install new lighting. 

During a thorough investigation, an experienced attorney can show the negligent party failed to address lightning concerns by:

  • Documenting the scene
  • Contacting witnesses with knowledge of the lighting conditions
  • Using medical documentation to show the fall was responsible for your injury

Your lawyer can also help by anticipating and countering common legal defenses in slip and fall cases, as well as handling communication with insurance adjusters to ensure you get the full amount you are owed.

Did You Slip or Fall Because of Inadequate Lighting?

If you were hurt in a fall caused by improper lighting, you probably have medical bills piling up and you may not be able to return to work during your recovery. Get in touch with Heslin Law Firm today and request a consultation to discuss your case.

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