Unfortunately, your problem is not all that uncommon. I get calls from people who complain that they know nothing about their car accident case and/or can’t get in touch with their car accident attorney. I find that most Philadelphia accident lawyers are on top of their cases, but we do run into situations where, for one reason or another, the accident lawyer won’t get back to them. It might be that the accident lawyer is too busy. It might be that the lawyer doesn’t know enough about Philadelphia auto accident cases to advise the client properly and will not call them back. It might be the attorney did something wrong and is avoiding the call.

It is important to get a Philadelphia accident lawyer that has the time, staff, and resources to handle your case. Now I don’t know anything about your situation, but I can tell you that you deserve to know everything about your case. Demand a face-to-face meeting with the new attorney/old attorney or both. Tell them to have your file with them. Bring someone with you that you can trust to help you understand what is going on. I find that it is better to have two “sets of ears.” If you are not happy with what you hear OR the meeting is not scheduled, you have the right to get a new lawyer and it should not cost you any additional money from your settlement.