As a Philadelphia accident lawyer, I handle cases involving settlement funds for minors in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. I suggest you contact a local attorney for specific advice. I would start with the lawyer who represented your daughter in the accident case.

As you probably already know, in Pennsylvania, you need court approval to settle a case. This is accomplished by a petition to compromise a minor’s action. A judge in the local Court of Common Pleas reviews the petition, and if approved, the judge will issue an order. A typical order will require that the money be deposited into some type of bank account until the child reaches 18. If you want to try and change that order, you need to file a petition with that same court/judge asking the judge to modify/change the order. You would have to spell out your reasons why you want to take some of the child’s money.

I would imagine an attorney would want to charge you for filing the petition. If someone came to me in this area, I would tell them not to waste their money. However, it may be different in another area.