Whether they come as the result of a traffic accident, a fall or some other type of incident, head injuries are very serious. What’s worse, it can take hours or even days for the potentially dangerous symptoms to manifest. To minimize the risks associated with head injuries, our severe head injury and traumatic brain injury lawyer in Bucks County recommends these tips:

  • If it seems that the head injury is minor, treatment may not be needed. However, in the hours/days following the incident, you should be on high alert for the development of symptoms such as sleepiness, severe headache or stiff neck, repetitive vomiting, loss of consciousness and inability to move an arm or leg. If one or more of these symptoms appears, seek medical attention right away.
  • If the head injury is deep or bleeding, call 911 immediately. In the meantime, do not remove any objects sticking out of the wound. Also, do not wash the wound. Instead, cover the wound with a sterile piece of gauze. If blood soaks through the gauze, put another piece on top of it. Do not attempt to move the person – wait for medical help to arrive.
  • After a head injury such as a concussion, the affected individual will need to change his/her activities for a while. Consult with a healthcare provider to find out how to manage remaining symptoms and how to know when it is safe to return to school or work.

By taking these steps, you can decrease the chances of experiencing long-term effects from a head injury.

Was Your Head Injury Someone Else’s Fault? Call the Heslin Law Firm

Unfortunately, head injuries are often caused by the negligence of another party. Perhaps the head injury occurred when your vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. Maybe it happened from a slip or fall due to a business’s failure to clear snow from the sidewalk. No matter the situation, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. In order to find out, you’ll need to hire a qualified Bucks County severe injury lawyer. That’s where Mr. Gary P. Heslin comes in.

In order to determine whether you or your loved one’s head injury case may yield financial compensation, our severe injury attorney in Bucks County will first assess who is at fault for the accident. He will consult with medical professionals in order to collect details about the incident and structure your case. Then, he will investigate what damages, if any, are owed to you. These may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Past and future costs of special services or medical devices needed due to the injury
  • Cost of training needed to assist with a permanent injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment in life’s activities previously enjoyed by the injured individual

While working through your head injury case, our Bucks County severe injury attorney will provide you with one-on-one attention. After evaluating your case, he will give you expert legal advice on how to best proceed.

To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Heslin, call 215-332-0300 or visit us on the web now. And while you’re at it, visit our blog to learn about how to file a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania. We look forward to showing you why the Heslin Law Firm is the severe injury lawyer Bucks County relies on.

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