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With beautiful changing leaves and exciting holidays, autumn is undoubtedly an enjoyable season. Still, it involves quite a few dangers that can make slip and fall accidents more likely. To help you avoid an injury this season, our slip and fall lawyer in Bucks County would like to remind you to look out for these common hazards while you’re out enjoying yourself this autumn:

  1. Lack of proper lighting in outdoor areas – In the fall, the days start to get shorter, which means fewer daylight hours. The early autumn sunset can spell disaster if you’re walking around outside in areas that aren’t well-lit, as you won’t be able to see obstacles in your path. To lessen this risk, encourage your workplace to put lights along walkways and in parking lots so that employees can see where they’re going all autumn and winter long. Plus, you should invest in outdoor lights at your home to keep your family safe and injury-free.
  2. Slippery floors – With autumn comes an increase in rain and sometimes even snow. This moisture will inevitably be brought inside as people walk in and out throughout the day, so it’s important to be extra mindful of wet floor signs. Another smart tip is to wear shoes with good tread, as they will prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces.
  3. Wet leaves – Just like precipitation-covered floors, wet leaves are a huge slip hazard. To keep them from posing a threat to your family and visitors, be sure to rake leaves off of your driveway and walkways on a regular basis. And when you’re out in public, look out for soggy leaves that have been drug into buildings. Property owners are responsible for cleaning them up in a timely manner, but this doesn’t always happen.
  4. Holiday decoration wires – Putting up festive holiday lights and decorations is a tradition for many families and businesses. If you deck out your property, be sure to place any wires for lights and décor in locations where they won’t pose a tripping hazard. Try to keep wires off the ground whenever possible, and if you put decorations in your yard, place the wires in areas that don’t receive foot traffic.

If you’d like to know more about how to prevent these types of accidents, check out our post on workplace slip and fall avoidance.

Count on Our Bucks County Slip & Fall Attorney

If you’ve fallen victim to the dangers of autumn due to the negligence of another party, it’s time to reach out to the slip and fall lawyer Bucks County depends on – the Heslin Law Firm. For over three decades, our firm has been helping victims recover the compensation they deserve for their slip and fall injuries. Now, we’re ready to do the same for you.

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