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Now that spring has officially arrived, it’s time to get outside! While you’re enjoying the fresh air and warm sunlight, just don’t forget to prioritize safety as well as fun. Consider the hazards that springtime can present for your family; then, take action to prevent accidents and injuries by following these tips from our Bucks County child injury attorney:

  • Thoroughly inspect toys as you bring them out of storage – Before reuniting your kids with their favorite outdoor toys, it’s important to confirm that each item is still in good working condition after being stored away for several months. Check all sports equipment for broken parts, and make sure bikes, scooters and skateboards are well maintained before allowing your children to use them.
  • Teach your kids how to safely interact with dogs – Your family will most likely be spending more time outside now that the weather is warming up, and so will other people and their dogs. To protect your children against dog bite incidents, make sure they are aware of how to act around pups. For example, they should never pet a dog without asking the owner first. Further, they need to know what to do if approached by a strange dog: remain calm, avoid eye contact and slowly back away from the animal.
  • Outfit your kids with the proper protective gear for their activities – Whether your children participate in a team sport or simply play in the neighborhood, they should always wear all recommended safety equipment for their pastime of choice. Having the appropriate gear will prevent broken bones and other injuries in the event of a fall, thus helping your kids enjoy the spring without interruption.
  • Be cautious about playground padding – Taking your family on a trip to the playground? Keep in mind that the padding under the equipment may be worn down after the long, wet winter. To verify that a playground is safe for your kids, our child injury attorney in Bucks County suggests checking that padding extends at least six feet around each piece of equipment and that there are no visible dips in the cushioning.

Certain safety risks are a given as your kids play outside during spring. Fortunately, practicing this advice from our Bucks County child injury lawyer can help your family members avoid seasonal injuries.

Gary Heslin: Skillfully Handling Child Injury Cases for 30+ Years

Even when you do your best to reduce your children’s risk of being injured during spring, accidents can always happen. In case of an incident involving a child you love, you may wish to pursue compensation by filing a claim against the party or parties responsible for the accident. If you are in this situation, reputable Bucks County child injury attorney Gary Heslin is here to help you navigate this complex legal process.

To learn more about how Mr. Heslin can assist your family or to schedule a free case evaluation, contact the Heslin Law Firm. In case you ever need our help, our child injury attorney Bucks County depends on will be here to fight for your family’s rights.

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