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If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, then you’re familiar with the excitement and exhilaration that accompanies it. On the other hand, you’re also aware that they can be quite dangerous. In order to enjoy the thrill of motorcycling while avoiding injuries, it’s important to follow these safety tips from our Bucks County motorcycle accident lawyer every time you ride:

  1. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bike. Driving while distracted is dangerous with any vehicle, but it’s especially treacherous on a motorcycle. It’s already difficult for cars to see motorcycles; if you’re texting while riding or talking on the phone and a vehicle pulls out in front of you, you likely won’t react in time to prevent a collision. Taking your hands off of the handlebars interferes with your ability to brake, accelerate, and shift gears. For these reasons, it’s essential to stay focused on the task at hand while riding your motorcycle.
  2. Always wear a helmet. This is the most important rule of motorcycling and we can’t stress it enough. Head injuries are the leading cause of death among riders, and wearing a helmet is the best way to prevent yourself from being another statistic. For maximum protection, choose a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation, fits properly, and covers most or all of your head and face.
  3. Get used to braking on your bike before driving in traffic. Motorcycles are much different than cars when trying to come to a complete stop. Many don’t have antilock brakes, meaning they can’t stop in a split second like cars; therefore, it’s important to get familiar with how much time and space you’ll need to brake before venturing out onto the main roads.
  4. Invest in proper protective gear. When riding a motorcycle, you should always wear closed-toe shoes and long pants to protect your feet and legs from being burnt by the hot engine. For additional security, consider purchasing a motorcycle jacket to protect your skin from rocks, cigarette butts, and other objects that might bounce off of the pavement and onto you. Such jackets come in a variety of materials that are breathable and light, yet still tough enough to prevent injuries.

Practicing these motorcycle safety tips can significantly lower one’s risk of injury or fatality while out on the road.

Injured by Another Driver? The Heslin Law Firm Is Here

Even if you are extremely conscientious of motorcycle safety, accidents can still happen due to the negligence of other drivers. In the event that you or someone you love is the victim of another driver’s carelessness, this Bucks County motorcycle accident attorney will be ready to defend your right to compensation for your medical and financial losses. We will fight for you whether you’ve sustained major or minor injuries.  

To schedule a free consultation with the motorcycle accident lawyer Bucks County trusts, call the Heslin Law Firm today at (215) 332-0300 or complete our contact form. And while you’re on our site, check out our blog for an informative post on adding a teen driver to your auto insurance policy. We look forward to hearing from you and demonstrating why we are the most reliable motorcycle accident attorney in Bucks County and beyond.

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