Girl Swimming at a Pool Party

Pool parties are a classic summertime activity that promises family fun and bonding time. But if you aren’t careful to account for water-related dangers, someone you love could easily get hurt or even drown. To avoid this nightmare scenario, pool and hot tub owners should follow these guidelines from our Bucks County swimming pool accident lawyer:

  1. Make sure a sober, responsible adult is supervising children at all times – According to the CDC, approximately one in five drowning accident victims are children age 14 or younger. To prevent the young ones you love from being injured or worse in water, close and constant supervision by a reliable adult is of paramount importance. Drowning incidents can happen in mere seconds, so do not leave kids unattended for any length of time when they’re in or anywhere near a pool or hot tub.
  2. Keep electronics a safe distance away from the pool – Electrical shock is another serious risk that you must consider and take steps to prevent when you own a swimming pool. To minimize the chances of electrical injury, do not place ungrounded electrical equipment such as a radio near the pool. In addition, make sure any electrical outlets in the pool area are ground circuit fault interrupters (GCFIs).
  3. Be cautious about pool toys – While seemingly innocent, pool toys can pose a major tripping hazard when left in walkways, so be sure to store them out of the way when not in use. Our swimming pool accident lawyer in Bucks County also urges you to remember that inflatable pool toys are not meant to be used as flotation devices for young children or non-swimmers.

While enjoying time by the pool, don’t let safety hazards go unthought of – reduce the risk of accidental injuries by practicing these tips from our Bucks County swimming pool accident attorney.

Swimming Pool Accident? Gary Heslin Is Here to Uphold Your Rights

Needless to say, swimming pool accidents can have life-altering consequences. While these incidents are difficult to prevent in some cases, they are often related to negligence of some sort. If someone in your family is the victim of a drowning or near-drowning incident, you can trust Bucks County swimming pool accident lawyer Gary Heslin to seek justice for you.

Whether the accident occurred at a public facility or on someone’s private property, Mr. Heslin will be diligent in gathering evidence in order to determine who, if anyone, should be held accountable. If he finds that another party’s negligence contributed to the accident, he will then structure a solid legal argument to help you win the compensation to which you are entitled.

To arrange a free case evaluation with the swimming pool accident lawyer Bucks County families depend on, contact our firm. We hope you have a safe summer, but in case disaster strikes, you can rely on the Heslin Law Firm for trustworthy legal advice and assistance.

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