Protect Your Family's Rights – Hire a Philadelphia School Injury Lawyer

Your children are your pride and joy, so when they’re hurt at school, you want to make sure they get the medical attention they need. But when it comes time to pay the medical bills, how do you determine whether the school should be responsible for covering them? The Heslin Law Firm will handle this matter for you.

If you believe that the school is responsible for your child’s injury, you should consult with Mr. Gary P. Heslin, our experienced Philadelphia school injury attorney. In order to make a case against the school, you’ll need to prove that an act of negligence on their part led to your child’s incident. Mr. Heslin can help you do so.

To evaluate your case, he will sit down with you to pinpoint the cause of the accident. In deciding whether or not a lawsuit can be filed, he’ll consider the cause of the injury and how the injury occurred. If the injury was foreseeable and thus could have been prevented, the school may be held liable. Examples of foreseeable events include a child:

  • Falling off of a piece of playground equipment
  • Bumping or tripping over something
  • Getting sick or being injured due to unsanitary conditions
  • Being bullied by one or more other students

In the case of bullying, the parents of the culprits may also be held partially responsible for any harm done to your son or daughter.

Gary P. Heslin – The School Injury Lawyer Philadelphia Residents Trust

As your school injury attorney in Philly, Mr. Heslin can also help you deal with your insurance company. If you’re going to file a lawsuit against the school, you will first need to present your claim to the insurance company. When you do so, they will offer you a settlement agreement that you can choose to accept or deny. If you aren’t satisfied with the settlement amount proposed, you may proceed with the lawsuit against the school.

To help you decide on the best course of action, Mr. Heslin will look over the agreement. No matter how complex the situation may be, Mr. Heslin will draw on his more than 30 years of experience to advise you on the way to proceed with your case.

Make Mr. Heslin Your School Injury Lawyer in Philly Now

If your child has been hurt in any way during school or a school activity, it’s time to take action. Call the Heslin Law Firm today at 215-332-0300 to hire Mr. Heslin as your Philadelphia school injury attorney. And for details on what we can do as your labor lawyer, check out our blog. We look forward to seeking justice for your family.

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