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The holidays are a time for gathering together and celebrating with the special people in our lives. If you have little ones, this season is especially wonderful, as you have the opportunity to share traditions with them and perhaps even create some new ones. But while you’re making merry with your family and friends, it’s important to prioritize your children’s safety along with having a good time. To help you ward off holiday accidents, here are a few safety reminders from our Bucks County child injury attorney, Gary Heslin:

  • Travel smart and safe – Going to a loved one’s house over the holidays? Be sure to store all large gifts, hot food and anything else that could potentially injure a child in the trunk during the ride.
  • Designate a kid-free zone while cooking – While you’re busy creating a delicious holiday spread, our Bucks County child injury lawyer suggests making sure young kids stay at least three feet away from the cooking area. For added safety, place all hot dishes as far back on the countertop as possible so they can’t burn curious hands while the food is being dished out.
  • Take care if alcohol is being served – If you’re hosting or attending a party where adult beverages are being poured, you must take steps to ensure they don’t accidentally end up in a kid’s hands. Keep the alcohol out of children’s reach, and promptly remove glasses and bottles when you are finished with them. And don’t forget: There should always be at least one trustworthy adult who remains sober to supervise the children and handle any emergencies that may arise.
  • Be especially attentive on the road and in parking lots – In addition to being safety conscious at holiday get-togethers, our child injury attorney in Bucks County also urges you to be on high alert when shopping with kids in tow during the holiday season. Keep in mind that shopping centers will likely be busier than usual, so don’t let your children out of your sight for even a moment.

By practicing these tips from the child injury attorney Bucks County families depend on, you will help keep the holidays safe and joyful for your entire family.

If Your Child Is Hurt Over the Holidays, Reach Out to Us

Unfortunately, even the best-laid holiday plans can go wrong. During this busy season, accidents can occur anywhere, from the sidewalk to the grocery store. If a child you love is injured over the holidays due to someone else’s negligence, you can trust Bucks County child injury attorney Gary Heslin to thoroughly investigate what happened, determine who is at fault and help you get the compensation you are rightfully owed.

If you have a case you’d like to discuss with an experienced child injury lawyer in Bucks County, call our firm at (215) 332-0300 to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Heslin. We sincerely wish your family a happy and accident-free holiday season, but in case things don’t go as expected, know that Mr. Heslin will be ready to fight for your rights.

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