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The holiday season is here! Unless you’ve switched over to shopping completely online, chances are you’ll be braving the crowds and heading to the mall to shop for gifts sometime soon. If you choose to bring your little ones along, our Bucks County child injury lawyer urges you to consider that shopping malls hold many risks for kids, some of which may not even be on your radar. Here are the main hazards to be aware of and how to manage them so you can accomplish your holiday shopping mission safely:

  1. Escalators – Virtually every mall has escalators, and unfortunately, they pose a serious threat to kids – if a child accidentally falls while riding an escalator or gets his/her clothing, hands or feet caught in one of the moving parts, serious injuries may result. To prevent escalator accidents, always check that your child’s shoes are tied securely and remove any loose articles of clothing he/she is wearing before you step onto the escalator. While riding, hold your youngster’s hand and instruct him/her to stand in place and face forward. If your child is in a stroller, skip the escalator and take the elevator to be safe.
  2. Clothing racks – Crawling under a rack of clothing may be quite entertaining for your child, but it isn’t safe – there is a chance that the rack could fall over and hurt your young one. Therefore, you should teach children that playing on/under clothing racks is off limits and make sure he/she stays in your sight while you shop.
  3. Store displays – Many stores go all out with decorations during the holidays. If a child knocks over or breaks part of a store display, he/she may very well end up with minor or major injuries. Glass items are especially hazardous for kids because they are easy to break and can result in cuts. With this in mind, teach your child not to touch anything in the store without your permission and to walk, not run.
  4. Shopping carts – Putting your child in your shopping cart isn’t overly risky, right? Only if you follow a few rules. First, always buckle the safety belt to keep your little one from falling out of the cart and sustaining a head injury. Next, do not let your child ride on the back or side of the cart, and think twice about letting him/her push it in a crowded store. Finally, never put a baby carrier on top of a shopping cart; doing so may cause the cart to tip over.

Holiday shopping can be far more dangerous than you’d expect for children. Thankfully, it’s possible to decrease the risk of your youngster getting hurt at the mall this season.

Count On Us for Child Injury Legal Representation

At the end of the day, there is always a chance that your child could be injured while you’re out shopping due to the negligence of another party, such as a mall or store manager. If this happens to your family, seek justice by contacting the Heslin Law Firm. As the child injury lawyer Bucks County relies on, Mr. Gary Heslin will fight for your loved one’s right to receive compensation for his/her injuries.

Interested in scheduling a free consultation with our Bucks County child injury attorney? Call (215) 332-0300 today. And for our advice on steering yourself to safe autumn driving, don’t miss our recent blog post. We hope your holiday season is safe, happy and free of accidents, but in case you need legal assistance for an injury case, we will be here to help.

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