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When a snowstorm hits, you may not feel like going out in the cold to shovel the sidewalk in front of your house. After all, snow removal can be a time-consuming and physically taxing job. Still, it’s in your best interest to get out there and clear the snow from your property’s walkways or hire someone to do it for you. Here’s why:

  • You may be held liable for slip and fall incidents – Did you know that you can be sued if someone slips or falls on the sidewalk in front of your home as a result of your failure to adequately clear the snow? As an experienced Bucks County slip and fall attorney, we’ve dealt with many of these cases over the years, and we can tell you firsthand that they are serious business. Luckily, you can avoid a lawsuit by simply shoveling a path for pedestrians to traverse the sidewalk in front of your property and putting down salt or sand as a de-icer.
  • Your city may fine you if you fail to remove the snow in a timely manner – To keep citizens safe, many cities have a law that specifies an amount of time in which homeowners must clear their sidewalks after a snowstorm. Usually, cities will give people between six and 24 hours to clear the snow before fines are given. Plus, they will typically specify how wide of a path must be made on sidewalks.
  • Clearing the snow will discourage thieves – If the snow on your property is left untouched long after the snow stops falling, it will alert thieves that no one is home, making your home a prime target for theft. Thus, prioritizing snow removal will decrease the chances of your home being broken into.
  • Shoveling is great exercise – People tend to be less active in the winter, which can result in weight gain. Therefore, you may want to get outside and shovel in order to burn off some calories and get your blood flowing after sitting inside and watching the snow fall.

Whether you’re dealing with snow that is two inches or two feet deep, our slip and fall lawyer in Bucks County highly recommends clearing it from your sidewalks for the aforementioned reasons. In addition, we suggest following these tips for avoiding accidents while driving in icy conditions this winter.

Depend On Us for Assistance with Winter Accident Cases

Unfortunately, not every homeowner follows their city’s rules for sidewalk clearance after a snowstorm. This can result in slips and falls that may come with severe injuries. In the event that you are a victim of snow removal negligence, the Heslin Law Firm will be on your side. For years, we’ve been known as the slip and fall attorney Bucks County residents can rely on due to our unwavering commitment to seeking justice for our clients.

So if you’ve slipped or fallen on an uncleared sidewalk, call (215) 332-0300 to schedule a free consultation with our Bucks County slip and fall lawyer. We look forward to providing you with outstanding legal representation should you require it this winter.

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