Fire Pit Safety in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In last week’s blog post, we discussed a few essential safety tips for owners of home swimming pools. Now, we’d like to touch on how to safely enjoy another popular backyard staple of summertime – fire pits. Before inviting your family and friends over for a bonfire, make sure you’ve acquainted yourself with these fire pit safety tips:

  1. Be wise about placement – For maximum safety, be sure to place your fire pit at least ten feet away from your home. Put it in a spot that is free of flammable items such as fences and trees, and place it on a fire-resistant surface. Gravel, stone, concrete and brick are all good choices for a fire pit base.
  2. Wear proper clothing – When you’re going to be around a bonfire, consider your outfit choice. Avoid fabrics such as nylon that are known to be highly flammable, and don’t wear loose-fitting clothing that may hang into the fire pit if you lean over it.
  3. Know what wood is okay to burn – You should never put wood that has been painted or used for construction in a fire pit, as it may release poisonous fumes into the air when burned. Instead, purchase wood that has been seasoned for at least six months or cut your own.
  4. Make sure no one gets too close to the fire – If there are going to be children at your home when the fire pit is in use, make sure they are being supervised by a responsible adult at all times. In addition, you should consider installing permanent seating near your fire pit to ensure that guests stay far enough away from the flame.
  5. Be ready for emergencies – In the event that you need to extinguish a fire immediately, you’ll want to have a fire blanket on hand. For added safety, you should also keep a hose set to “spray” nearby. This setting works best to put out fire without creating more sparks.

When you carefully follow the fire pit safety guidelines we’ve just covered, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of you or someone you love being injured.

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