Sledding, skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities are enjoyable for people of all ages, but unfortunately they have the potential to be dangerous. To keep these activities safe and fun, follow the Heslin Law Firm’s tips for preventing severe injuries while participating in winter sports:

  • Always go with another person. In case of an emergency, you should always ski, sled or snowboard with a partner. That way, you can help one another and call for medical assistance if an accident occurs. Plus, it’s more fun to participate in winter sports when you have a friend along!
  • Be wise about where you sled. When you go sledding, be sure to choose a location with no obstacles. Otherwise, you could be injured if you run into an object in your path. In addition, you should never sled on a hill with a public street at the bottom due to the risk of going onto the road and being hit by a vehicle.
  • Learn how to fall without injuring yourself. While on the slopes, chances are you will fall at least once, especially if you’re a beginner. Therefore, it’s essential to take a lesson from an experienced instructor to learn how to fall “correctly” and avoid severe injuries.
  • Never ski or snowboard on a closed trail. When a trail is marked as closed, there’s always a reason (hazardous weather conditions, avalanche risks, etc.). Therefore, skiers and snowboarders should always obey these signs to stay safe.
  • Dress properly for winter weather. While participating in winter sports and activities, you put yourself at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. For protection from the cold air and wind, you should always dress in layers and make sure all of your skin is covered. And to prevent injuries, you should wear protective gear such as goggles, a helmet and body padding.

Now that you’ve learned how to safely participate in winter activities, you’re ready to go out in the snow and have some fun!

Injured? Call Our Bucks County Severe Injury Attorney

Even if you take all of these necessary precautions during winter sports, there is always a chance that you will be injured due to another party’s negligence. If this happens to you, elect Gary P. Heslin of the Heslin Law Firm to be your Bucks County severe injury lawyer.

With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Heslin is equipped with the legal knowledge and skill needed to represent your case. No matter how minor or severe your injuries may be, Mr. Heslin will work tirelessly in an attempt to win you the maximum amount of financial compensation for your losses. That’s what makes him the severe injury attorney Bucks County and Philadelphia residents depend on.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation to discuss your case with our severe injury lawyer in Bucks County, call (215) 332-0300 or visit the Heslin Law Firm website now. Furthermore, read up on our past blog posts to learn about the proper course of action after you’ve sustained a head injury. We wish you a safe and happy winter, and we hope you’ll consider choosing us to be your severe injury attorney in Bucks County should you ever need one.

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