Unfortunately, attacks by dogs and other animals sometimes occur. When they do, it can result in a nasty bite that can have serious consequences for one’s health and quality of life. If you or a loved one has been severely injured by a dog attack, then it’s time to take action. By hiring the Heslin Law Firm as your dog bite attorney in Philadelphia, you’ll get the compensation that you’re entitled to. We have thirty years of experience in defending the victims of animal attacks, and we’re ready to settle your case.

What to Do Before You Call Our Philly Dog Bite Lawyer

Prior to contacting us, you should make sure that you’ve done all of the following so that we can get you the maximum amount of compensation:

  • Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses, the dog owner, and the people who were with the dog when it bit you.
  • Take photos of the wounds inflicted by the animal immediately after the attack.
  • Contact a doctor as soon as possible to document the case, seek treatment, and get a rabies shot if necessary.
  • Report the animal attack to the Division of Disease Control by calling 215-685-6748. You can also consult with them regarding whether you are at risk for rabies.
  • Alert the closest animal control agency of the incident. The phone number for the Philadelphia Animal Control Team is 267-385-3800.

After you’ve completed all of these steps, you should contact the Heslin Law Firm to set up a free consultation with us. At this time, we’ll discuss every detail of the animal attack incident and determine whether you have a case, what your case may be worth, and what financial compensation you may be entitled to.

Call the Dog Bite Lawyer Philly Residents Trust Today

When you hire Philadelphia dog bite attorney Gary P. Heslin, you can rest assured that your case will be settled as quickly and efficiently as possible. To get in touch with our friendly associates, simply call 215-332-0300 or fill out the contact information on our website. Our main office is located in Northeast Philadelphia, but we also have three other ones conveniently scattered throughout the surrounding counties. Therefore, it’s convenient to meet with us no matter where you live. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you why we’re the best Philadelphia dog bite attorney!

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