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Experienced Pennsylvania Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney serving Northeast Philadelphia

Finding the right lawyer in Pennsylvania can be overwhelming, especially while dealing with car accident injuries. With so many options, it's hard to know who to trust. Here’s how to protect your legal rights by revving up your search for a top-tier car accident attorneyPhiladelphia car accident lawyer

The Lawyer’s Experience Successfully Representing Car Accident Survivors

Simply dealing with insurance for a car accident claim is often more complex than victims expect. This is before even getting into the possibility of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver.

That’s why you need a legal representative who already knows the ins and outs of Pennsylvania law, from the differences between accident types to the statute of limitations on injury cases. But how, exactly, do you figure that out?

Spend some time looking through an attorney’s previous case results to get a sense of what kind of cases they’ve handled. This is an important fact-finding mission, because claims vary significantly depending on their severity, such as DUI-related car crashes, commercial truck collisions, and even SEPTA vehicle wrecks.

Check Out What Past Clients Have to Say About the Car Accident Attorney

Another way to make sure you pick car accident attorney who’s the best fit for your situation is to look at what other people have to say. Previous clients offer a gold mine of information: 

 How responsive is the attorney? 
  • Will they make the case a priority?
  • Does the lawyer actually take client calls? 
  • Are they knowledgeable on legal topics?
  • How well do they explain the process from start to finish?
From there, the best course of action is to directly find out for yourself if an attorney’s personality and skill set are a good match for your type of vehicle accident. That’s why experienced Pennsylvania lawyers offer a free consultation to meet and initially discuss your case. During that consultation, it’s crucial to ask any remaining questions you may have.
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