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Autumn is the season of hayrides, corn mazes and haunted houses. While these seasonal activities can be a great time for the whole family, they also have the potential to be dangerous if you don’t take responsibility for your own safety. To prevent you or someone you love from being hurt at a seasonal attraction this fall, our Bucks County injury lawyer suggests following these tips:

  • For hayrides – When getting on and off of the hayride, keep in mind that the ramp may be wet or slippery due to straw. Once the ride has started, remain seated and make sure kids hold on at all times, as sudden bumps can cause them to fly out of their seats. Exit the ride only when the operator has told you to do so. Finally, do not let children get near the tractor that pulls the hay ride, even when it is not in motion, as it may be hot.
  • For corn mazes – Before entering the maze, be sure you have a way to get help if you can’t find your way out. This might be a fully charged cell phone or a colored flag that you can wave above the corn stalks to attract the attention of maze staff. Once you’re in the maze, keep in mind that the path may be muddy or slippery and there may be fallen corn that could trip you if you aren’t careful. Remember that you should not smoke while in the maze, as dry corn is very flammable.
  • For haunted houses – When visiting a haunted house with young children, attach glow sticks to their clothing so you can easily locate them in the dark. Establish a meeting place for your group and make sure every group member has a flashlight. Before going inside the haunted house, ask a staff member where the exits are or get a map of the house in case of an emergency. Always use handrails, walk carefully and beware of wires or stairs that may be difficult to see and pose a tripping hazard.

Autumn attractions can hold more risks than one might imagine. However, by following this advice from our injury lawyer in Bucks County, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of having a run-in with one of these hazards this fall.

Autumn Accident? We’ll Fight for You

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do to keep your family safe when participating in seasonal activities. Sometimes, accidents happen due to the negligence of attraction operators. If such an incident affects you or your loved one, trust the Heslin Law Firm to represent your case. As the injury lawyer Bucks County families have depended on for more than 30 years, we will use our legal expertise to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions and help you win the compensation you are owed.

For a free consultation with our seasoned Bucks County injury attorney, call (215) 332-0300 today. And to find out why slips and falls are more common during autumn, be sure to read our post from last week. We are here to give you the legal guidance and support you need if you sustain an injury this autumn.

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